Always be consistent

Always be consistent – because consistency is the cornerstone of a strong, recognisable brand. It’s what binds your visual identity – from logos, images and colour palettes, to the typography – into a cohesive visual narrative that speaks to your audience across various platforms.

It’s not just about having a uniform look; it’s about creating a consistent brand experience that reinforces your message and values.

This principle of consistency applies not only to what your audience sees, but also to what they hear and feel from your brand. It means aligning every post – every customer service interaction – and every marketing campaign to reflect your brand’s principles.

And it’s this consistency that builds familiarity and, over time, trust.

However, maintaining this consistency shouldn’t stifle your creativity. Your brand should still allow room for innovation and evolution, as long as these new creative directions are in harmony with the original brand identity and values.

The goal is to ensure that your brand remains relevant and dynamic without losing its essence.

Regular brand audits will help ensure that every aspect remains true to your overarching identity. Check your visual elements, review your communication strategies, and ensure that they all uphold the brand promise you’ve made to your customers.

Remember, a consistent brand is a trusted brand.


Is every aspect of your brand unified, and how often do you take stock to ensure that all your brand elements are in harmony

Holding fast and remaining consistent is a crucial step to igniting your brand.

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