Have a personality

Brand personality isn’t just a marketing buzzword; it’s rooted in the fundamental psychology of how we humanise brands. By discovering your brand’s distinct personality, you’re tapping into Carl Jung’s theory of archetypes which play a crucial role in shaping human behaviour and decision-making.

Jung identified 12 archetypes, each representing a universal pattern of behaviour. By aligning your brand with one of these archetypes, whether it’s the Hero, striving for improvement, or the Caregiver, nurturing their customers, you tap into deep-seated narratives that resonate on a biological level.

Why does this matter? Because when your brand embodies one or more of these archetypes, it not only stands out in a crowded market but also connects with customers on a deeper, emotional level.

This psychological connection transforms customer perception, turning what could be a simple transaction into a meaningful relationship.

Consider the Hero archetype, characterised by boldness and determination. Brands that adopt this persona often inspire and motivate their audience, encouraging them to overcome challenges.

On the other hand, the Jester archetype, centred on joy and fun, can create a light-hearted, positive association with your brand, making everyday interactions a pleasure.

By understanding and embracing an archetype, your brand will convey a consistent, authentic personality that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of customers. It’s a powerful way to not only communicate who you are, but also to attract and retain customers who share or aspire to the same values and ideals.


Consider one of your favourite brands – one that you’re an advocate for. How does their brand personality influence your perception of that brand? How could embedding archetypes into your own brand shape the way customers perceive it?

A clear personality is a crucial step to igniting your brand.

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