What’s in the locker?

Effective brand design and marketing is about mastering the art of communication.

And it’s the art of communication that drives brand success.

So to build, develop, and maintain a successful brand, it’s about digging deep into the locker and using the right tools, at the right time, in the right way.

My experience sets me apart

I work alongside my clients to develop creative, commercial and realistic solutions to drive brand design and marketing improvement through communication.

I immerse myself into the culture and values of clients’ businesses, and then roll my sleeves up and get the job done.

Whilst my skills and knowledge are transferrable across many sectors, I have direct experience in:

  • Retail
  • Sport
  • Gambling & casinos
  • Engineering
  • Leisure
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Training
  • Recruitment

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I support businesses in developing their brand story, brand personality, tone of voice, creative execution and delivery.

Rebrands are about driving improvement through business change and fresh, creative thinking. I’ve delivered rebrands from simple logo refreshes, all the way through to business transformation.

Customers often ask me to come in with “fresh eyes” and deliver a critical review of their current brand position, both online and offline. An independent view is invaluable to a business that has possibly become set in its ways.

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It’s where I started, and it’s at my heart. I can help make your business not only look the part, but stand out from the crowd.

Whether it’s fresh new creative, or artworking services you need, RJ Brand Design works at pace, with accuracy, and delivers on time.

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With over 30 years brand design and marketing experience, I’ve seen it all. And I don’t stand still either. I keep abreast of current and emerging marketing practices – from traditional offline media through to the latest digital trends, and pass this on to my clients.

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Video content is a key ingredient in the overall brand and marketing comms mix. To that end, I have produced a number of videos for clients… from short social media-friendly clips, to much longer videos, including promotional, training and user guides.

Visit my YouTube channel to see the full range.

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“Content is king”, so the saying goes. And it’s also spot on. Quality content, placed in the right way at the right time, is what brands need to really stand out. 

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Supporting clients with their digital requirements – website design, website management, WordPress, user experience (UX), user interface (UI), email marketing, paid digital marketing, and social media marketing.

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My background is in the artisan world of print. CMYK, and all that. I still love crafting leaflets, flyers and brochures of all sizes, direct mail, press and magazine advertising, out-of-home advertising (aka billboards and bus shelters), exhibition stand design, vehicle livery, and even a hot air balloon (yes, really).

Employer branding services


Brands need to reach and impress the best talent. They also need to retain their best employees and keep them focussed and engaged. That’s where employer branding comes in. I support businesses of all sizes with the development and implementation of employer branding strategies.

Customer experience services


Your customers are your best resource for growing brand awareness and driving success. But only a positive customer experience (CX) drives loyalty and customer retention. RJ Brand Design have supported brands across different sectors, delivering new and innovative customer journies that at first were transformational, but eventually became “BAU”.

Get in touch and let’s talk about how I can help solve your customer experience challenges.

Art direction and shoots services


I’ve planned and delivered photo and video shoots both in the UK and overseas. From identifying the perfect locations, choosing the models that best represent the brand, to logistical planning, storyboarding, art direction, supplier liaison and delivery.

Get in touch now, and let’s talk about your requirements.

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I’m exceptional at making large and complex projects happen. I’m also experienced in building and managing multi-skilled design studio teams, providing businesses with:

  • Project management
  • Interim management
  • Consultancy services

Please get in touch now, and let’s talk about how I can support your business.

Rob’s strength is understanding the subtlety and detail to realise creative change. It is one thing being able to spark and generate ideas; but these are nothing without being agile and attuned enough to understand what they then require to fully deliver and rollout at scale. Rob is a master at both.

Michael Artis


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