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Great content marketing will set you apart

And in turn, you will stand out from your competition and reap the rewards.

It has the ability to create a positive experience for your prospective customers, and ensure they come back for more. So content marketing is a sure-fire way of capturing the attention of your audience and reinforcing a strong and positive impression of your brand.

Content is king.

(Bill Gates, 1996)


Being consistent across all your brand touchpoints is just one of the many factors that will ensure business success and growth.

Successful brands do this really well. Their content is carefully designed, lovingly crafted, carefully used, and consistently applied. And it all has strong adherence to the brand principles set down from the very start.

Any deviation is rare. In fact, in most cases it’s non-existent.

That’s because consistency builds trust. It keeps your customers happy across the entire journey. And it establishes your credibility and strengthens your reputation.

Benefits of great content in your marketing mix

Retention – content is an asset to your business. It makes for a positive customer experience. It’s attention-grabbing and leaves a strong brand impression.

Social media traction – do you have a healthy social media following, but low engagement? It could be down to the quality of your content. So improving your content assets will help you gain traction.

Trust – Great content marketing builds a relationship with your audience. When you create value, without asking for anything in return, your audience will trust your advice. The more quality content that is seen by your customers, the more likely they will stick with you.

Leads – calls-to-action (CTA) placed within your content marketing is a great way to generate sales leads. And if the customer is delighted with your content, they are highly likely to click the CTA and move on to your website or campaign landing page.

Conversions – people are more likely to buy from you once they’ve taken in your content.

SEO –your content marketing will help your visibility online. High-quality content will build trust and authority and should help you rank higher in search engines.

How can RJ Brand Design help?

We have generated loads of content for our customers. It’s one thing establishing the brand, but it’s another to take that brand forward in all marketing, campaigns, and communications. We call it “brand stretch”.

Great content marketing is carefully thought out, beautifully designed, always on-brand, and consistently and strictly applied.

So wherever your business is on its journey, RJ Brand Design can help you establish your content strategy and apply it across all channels.

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