Accessibility policy

We believe that everyone should be given the chance to experience the internet equally. We work hard to produce accessible websites that cater for users of all needs. Our accessibility policy is important to us, so please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make more accessible for you, and easier to use.

Our guidelines include

  • Using meaningful ALT text for all images to provide descriptive text
  • Avoiding the use of frames, which are difficult for special browsers to interpret
  • Using an easy-to-see web colour scheme
  • Using an easy to read font type, size and colour

Our policies

Many internet users with disabilities find websites difficult or even impossible to use simply because of the way they are built. We work passionately to provide services and products that are helpful to all our customers and their customers in turn. This goes for our own websites, too. And this website, has been built to be as accessible as possible and to be compatible with the types of adaptive technology used by people with disabilities, including screen readers and other technologies.

Navigating this website

Making web sites easy to use goes further than just graphic design, layout colour and fonts; we work hard to make sure our content is easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate, taking into consideration customers who use a variety of assisted technologies. To navigate through this website, please use the menu on the top and at the bottom of the page. We have provided a site map in the footer to make finding your way around our website much easier.