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by RJ Brand Design

You’ve got a vision, but your message feels muddled

In your head, you know exactly what your product or service is, and you know that it’s great. But you’re not sure how best to articulate it. And it’s not your fault.

It’s often difficult to figure out your own messaging.

The brand guide workshop helps you achieve the clarity your brand needs. You’ll get expert guidance and we’ll work together to figure out your core messaging, and how to deliver it.

PHASE 1 – Strategy
2½ hrs on-site
2½ hr video call

PHASE 2 – Framework
2½ hrs on-site
2½ hr video call

PHASE 3 – Review
Final review and strategy document delivered by our Lead Consultant

How we’ll go from confusion to clarity


We’ll take you through simple, focused exercises to clarify the key components of your story. We’ll explore your ideal customers, what differentiates you, your benefits, your company’s unique value, and more. Expect lightbulb moments on the way!


We’ll define the messaging and complete a framework together. The framework will outline key pieces of your brand story, including your value proposition, key benefits and your brand personality.


In a 1½-hour follow up meeting, we’ll review the messaging framework and make final recommendations or changes. We’ll also provide guidance and a broad plan on how to apply your new messaging to your website and more.

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